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Spiral Bound Revised Edition German Etched Dress

Spiral Bound Revised Edition German Etched Dress Image

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Etched Dress Bayonets
(Extra-Seitengewehre) 1933-1945
Spiral Bound

This Reference Book Includes:

Photographs of over 200 Obverse and Reverse motifs.
Rare SS and Panzer patterns pictured for the first time.
Extensive chapter on Reproductions and Red Flags
Value guide for Obverse and Reverse motifs.
Color Section.
Close-up photography revealing design details within patterns.
Many more details, insights, and observations relating to collecting the etched dress bayonets of the Third Reich.

“Every antique and militaria collector should own this book!”
LTC (Ret.) Thomas M. Johnson

“The pictures and Value Guide alone are worth the price of the book!”
Thomas T. Wittmann

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